Line Dancing #AtoZChallenge


Alice next door  goes to the community centre up the road five days a week.  She does loads of stuff like, chair aerobics, (don’t ask), Pilates, flower arranging and tai chi. I don’t know where she gets her energy from. Someone (Jimmy big mouth) told her I was trying to keep fit so she invited me along. I didn’t like to say no, she’s been very lonely since her pal  Doris passed away.

  • Are you ready Bernadette?
  • As I’ll ever be Alice. Oh are you driving? I thought we were going to walk
  • Ah sure won’t we get enough exercise down there , I’ll be too tired to walk back
  • So what’s on today ?
  • Line dancing
  • Line dancing?
  • Ah Alice, I don’t think so
  • Come on, it’s great. You’ll love it. Me and Doris go, sorry…we used to go every week
  • You must miss her something terrible
  • I do Bernadette, she was my best friend for over forty years. I still can’t believe she’s gone. This is my first class since she died
  • Awww Alice…
  • I didn’t like going on my own, but when Jimmy told me you’d love to go it gave me the boost I needed to get back.
  • That was very thoughtful of him alright (I’ll bleedin’ kill him)
  • It’s great exercise Bernie. It’ll do you the power of good
  • I’m not a big fan of country and western Alice, but sure I’ll give it a go
  • Good girl… and sure who doesn’t love Nathan Carter?
  • Who’s Nathan Carter?
  • Ah Bernie, you’re a gas ticket. ‘Who’s Nathan Carter?’ You crack me up sometimes

Two hours later…I’m sweating, I’m starving and had to listen to ‘Rock me mama like a wagon wheel’ at least half a dozen times. I swear I could eat a full packet of them now 😱😱😱


wagon wheel