XANADU, a place where nobody dared to go 🤭

So, a few years ago,I was on a keep fit buzz. I tried everything from aerobics to zumba. I even went line dancing.😄

I heard that Olivia Newton John song on the radio today and it reminded me of one of my more adventurous attempts.

  • What are you doing under the stairs ma?
  • I’m looking for Kylies old roller blades.
  • For what ma?
  • For knitting a pair of gloves, what do you think?
  • Calm down, I’m only asking.
  • Have you seen them? I was sure they were under here.
  • Did da not sell them in the car boot sale last year?
  • Ah for fuck sake, he did not…did he?
  • You’re the one who told him to get rid of the shite from under the stairs.
  • And for once he did as I told him to, for feck sake, MEN!
  • Never mind what’s under the stairs, ma. What the hell are you wearing?
  • You can see what I’m wearing Koko.
  • A leotard and leg warmers…OMG, hang on ’til I get me phone.
  • Do not attempt to take a photo of me Koko, I’m warning you.
  • That headband but ma, what are you like?
  • Feck off, I’m not that bad am I?
  • I’m saying nothing, but holy god ma, are you thinking of going out like that…on roller blades?
  • Well not anymore, now that I’ve no roller blades, anyway I was only going to go down the garden path.
  • Down on your face more like. When was the last time you went on blades?
  • I had a pair of skates when I was 12.
  • Ah ma, you really are gas. You’ll break your neck.
  • I broke my leg when I was 12. Your nanny threw the skates in the bin.
  • Just as well da did a clear out so.
  • But, I was watching Xanadu on Netflix and Olivia Newton John made it all look so easy.
  • You pissed your knickers when you tried running with auntie Julie, can you imagine what would happen on roller blades?
  • Yeah, you’re right Koko. Who am I kidding, I’m too old for this lark.
  • You’re not old ma, but…
  • But what?
  • Lose the headband and leg warmers, the eighties are over
  • Not a word to your da about this, do you hear me!
  • I wouldn’t say a thing ma, but can I just take one photo to show Kylie
  • Feck off.

What was I thinking?🤣

11 thoughts on “XANADU, a place where nobody dared to go 🤭

  1. My wife keeps tossing my tennis racket in the garbage, and I keep fetching it back. The last time I played (three years ago), I sprained my ankle and required a brace for two weeks. I keep thinking it won’t happen again. She’s probably right, but I won’t let her know it. 🙂

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