She’s Electric

I hate Christmas shopping, especially for his aul one 🙄

  • Jimmy , d’ye think your ma would like a foot spa?
  • I doubt it. She thinks they’re dangerous.
  • How about an electric blanket?
  • No, she says they’re dangerous too.
  • A microwaveable heat pad?
  • You know she doesn’t own a microwave,  she says…
  • …they’re dangerous, yea yeah. What about a teas maid?
  • She doesn’t like them. She says they don’t make a real cup of tea.
  • A sandwich toaster?
  • Stop it, you know how my ma feels about electrical products.
  • I suppose a chair is out of the question then?
  • Leave it out, Bernie.
  • Has she got a kerosene lamp?
  • You’re not even funny now.
  • Well you tell me what to buy then.
  • She’s not fussy.
  • Seriously?
  • Just buy her anything.
  • A muzzle it is so.

I’m not able for this shite.

7 thoughts on “She’s Electric

  1. Christmas shopping is a nightmare ! This is the first time in fifty four years plus that I not got to buy the mother in law a present. She died of the Covid in June not long after her 100th birthday. ….thing is I keep wandering what she would want….I can’t win! 💜

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      1. We have cheated and done all ours on line, only two more to get. I am having the shield as I have an operation due on the 27th. Fingers crossed. I hope you get all the pressies done in time to enjoy Christmas. Mum in law had a great innings, and she got her card from the Queen. 💜💜


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