Outbreak 😭

Maisie is not impressed with the new restrictions in place after the new covid19 outbreaks in the past few days.

  • I’m not staying in again, Bernie.
  • You don’t have to stay in, ma. Just don’t go out when it’s busy.
  • I’ll go out when I like.
  • They’re only advising you stay in at peak times,ma.
  • Well they can advise all they like. I’m sick of being told what to do. I’m sick of being treated like a child; “stay in,you’re not allowed out,do this, do that, behave”. Well, I’m not behaving anymore. I’m going out.
  • You’re behaving like a child now, talking like that.
  • Well when you’re treated like a child, what do you expect?
  • Its for your own good.
  • Look it, I stayed in the last time,I did as I was told, I played by the rules. Look where that got me.
  • I know, its not fair, ma.
  • We all cocooned; We flattened the curve. We didn’t cause this latest surge so we shouldn’t be the ones to pay the price again.
  • It’s not a matter of paying the price,ma. It’s a matter of keeping safe.
  • I’d be safe if the bloody government would stop letting people in from countries that are rampant with the covid. I’d be safe if they shut the fecking airport. I’d be safer if they let Mary Lou take over. They’re nothing but a shower of gobshites. They couldn’t run a bath never mind a country.
  • You’re dead right, ma. They don’t seem to know what they’re doing; Telling us not to go on holidays abroad but allowing people from abroad to come here on holidays.
  • That Leo Varadkar fella can go up the park with his pals drinking beer in his jox, and I’m not allowed go to the shops. They can feck off.
  • He wasn’t only wearing his jox, ma.
  • Well he had his top off, flashing his chest to the nation,Bernie, and him head of government at the time. He has no decorum at all.
  • I hear you, ma, and they keep telling us to staycation when you can’t get a decent hotel without paying a small fortune.
  • Rip off Ireland strikes again. Its a fecking disgrace.
  • And you have to order a meal every time you go for a drink and you can’t stay in a restaurant for more than 105 minutes. Some holiday that would be 🙄
  • The way things are going, Bernie, you might not even get a holiday at home. I think we’re heading for another lockdown.
  • It really will be a holiday at home. Costa del back garden…in the rain.
  • Come on, bring me to the shops before the queues start again. You know what people are like for panic buying after a covid update.
  • I remember only too well what people are like.
  • Are you getting sarky with me, Bernadette?
  • Me? Never, but it’ll be busy at this time ma.
  • I don’t care. I told you, I’ll go out when I like. I have me mask and me sanitizer.
  • Come on so, I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t bring you.
  • Do you think I should buy some more toilet rolls?

Oh please…not this again. I couldn’t stand it.

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