Reality Bites #AprilAtoZ


Listening to the girls chatting this morning, I think it’s finally hit them that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon….

  • Kylie, look at the state of my eyebrows. Will you do them for me?
  • I will later.
  • You said that yesterday, they’re getting worse.
  • What’s your rush? Who’s going to see you?
  • I can see me, and I can see they’re like caterpillars hanging over me eyes, and look at my nails, will you do my nails as well?
  • For christ sake Koko, it’s not like you’re going anywhere.
  • No, we’re not going anywhere are we?  Will we ever get out again?
  • Stop being a drama queen, you’re starting to sound like ma.

(bloomin’ cheek of her)

  • Everything is cancelled,  all the festivals I was looking forward to…Electric Picnic, Forbidden Fruit, Body and Soul…
  • When did you ever go to Body and Soul?, and Electric Picnic isn’t until September, it’s not cancelled yet. Calm down down, Koko will you.
  • It seems like a lifetime ago that we were at Coachella.
  • That was brilliant. I’m glad we hadn’t got it booked for this year.
  • Glastonbury…
  • We never go to Glastonbury.
  • Well we won’t be going this year, that’s for certain.
  • You forgot Life.
  • What?
  • Life Festival, that’s cancelled too.
  • That just says it all, Kyles.  Life is cancelled.
  • Now you REALLY  do sound like me ma.

Ah now, that’s a bit much! Cheeky wagon.


15 thoughts on “Reality Bites #AprilAtoZ

  1. They are right about those things. Life is still on though.
    Attitude is all we control, and my son and wife are both laid off work.
    Today we had a cloudy day and no wind so they went paddle boarding. Lake is cold but their faces were wide with smiles. A whole lake to themselves. I sat on the beach and photographed and cheered 👍

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    1. I’m much better, and actually don’t want to go out. I’m so relieved to have got through it, I’m enjoying time at home, even though family get on my nerves at times 🤣🤣🤣 Yeah I have noticed it’s those who rarely go out are the biggest moaners about staying in 🙈


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