News Travels Fast


I was only off the phone to Maisie half an hour and my  mobile phone was hopping. Whats app, Messenger, Facebook. Who needs The News of The World when you have Maisie Rose…

  • Oh my god, you had the covid19.
  • Yeah, I did.
  • Was it scary?
  • No, it was OK. I didn’t have it that bad.
  • Were you in I.C.U.?
  • No, who told you that?
  • I heard you were dying…
  • I wasn’t dying.
  • But you were on a ventilator?
  • I wasn’t on a ventilator.
  • Maybe I heard wrong; was it a nebuliser?
  • I wasn’t on a nebuliser.
  • What hospital were you in?
  • I wasn’t in hospital.
  • Your ma says you’re lucky to be alive.
  • My ma will be lucky to be alive when I see her.

Now you see why I didn’t tell her…

16 thoughts on “News Travels Fast

  1. Oh hahaha mothers all do like telling a good story….glad you are felling well and all better….that would be soooooooooo scary. So far here ok. Cheers!

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  2. As I am reading your posts from Z to A…I have by now gathered enough evidence to suggest that you belong to a blessed clan of entertainers. You, your daughters and your mother.
    Stay safe and keep spreading your joy. Love your humour Bernie.

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