Chiropodist #AtoZChallenge

C (2)

  • I need to wash me feet Bernie
  • What’s the occasion ma?
  • You’re very funny aren’t you?
  • I do me best ma
  • You’re not to old to get a slap from me for being cheeky you know
  • Woohoo, leave it out will ye ma
  • You’re very bold
  • Sorry mammy
  • Don’t you mammy me
  • Alright Sorry Maisie. Why are you washing your feet?
  • The chiropodist is coming to cut my nails
  • I’ll get me crash helmet so
  • I’m warning you Bernadette
  • Oooh scary mammy. I’ll go get the foot spa



Ah you just have to wind her up sometimes  🙂


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