The Brady Bunch


  • Howya ma
  • Ah Rick, should you not be 35,ooo feet in the air? Is somethin’ wrong?
  • Nothin’ wrong  ma, I’m on the way to Lyon
  • Who’s Leon?
  • No, Lyon, in France
  • I thought you were in Lille? Are you not supposed to be on the same flight as your da?
  • I was but now I’m not
  • Why not? Don’t tell me you were locked and missed the flight ye big eejit
  • I didn’t miss it, I’m just not gettin’ it. I told ye I’m goin’ to Lyon for the match on Sunday
  • I thought you were back in work on Monday? You’ll lose your job over this
  • It’s cool, sure half the country will be off work on Monday, includin’ Decco
  • If you lose this job I’ll bleedin’ kill ye
  • I wont lose me job, relax will ye ma. I can’t miss this match
  • Why?
  • Karma ma, karma
  • What about karma?
  • Remember the hand of Thierry Henry?
  • Will I ever forget?
  • Well it’s payback time now, and karma is my bitch
  • Jaysis, calm down will ye son
  •  I thought it was all over for us ma but then Robbie Brady did the business. Jaysis, the  place went wild. How could we not go?
  • What are yis now, the Brady bunch?
  • Nice one ma..I’ll tell the lads that
  • So how are ye gettin’ to this place Lyon?
  • We met a few lads from Ballybough. They have a van, said we can hop in with them
  • And what about gettin’ home? That’s a waste of a ticket now. It’ll cost you a fortune for another one
  • Actually that’s why I’m ringin’ ma
  • I knew it. You only ever ring when you’re lookin’ for money
  • I’ll pay ye back ma
  • I heard that one before
  • And what if they win on Sunday? What then?
  • Ah that’s a whole other ball game ma
  • This is Italia 90 all over again
  • How?
  • Yer da went to Italy for the world cup for five days and didn’t come home for three weeks
  • Brilliant, it must be in the blood ma
  • WEll it wasn’t brilliant back home mindin’ three kids on me own
  • Where is da anyway? Is he home yet?
  • No, he’ll be home this afternoon
  • Are ye sure ma?
  • What d’ye mean?
  • Nothin’, listen I’d better go ma, me battery is goin’ flat
  • Rick, is your da on the flight?
  • I can’t hear ye ma, coverage is shite
  • I can’t hear ye ma, we’re in a tunnel, Just lodge the few bob to me account will ye… Thanks ma, love ye, bye, bye, bye, bye
  • Hello, hello, Rick, can ye hear me now? Hello, hello…


6 thoughts on “The Brady Bunch

  1. I nominated you for an award – but feel free to disregard it if your blog is “award-free!” I’ve been enjoying the football games as well…and the Icelandic commentator’s excitement was infectious!

    Liked by 1 person

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