Eat Pray Love

E (1)

  • Dinner’s ready
  • Aw nice one. I’m starvin’ ma
  • It’s not for you. It’s for yer da
  • What about me?
  • What about ye? I told you I’m not makin’ dinners for you anymore
  • What? I thought ye were only messin’ ma
  • Well see what thought did, now excuse me ’til I put yer das out
  • What is it?
  • Chicken curry
  • Aw ma, I love your curry
  • Do ye now? Well I can’t keep up with what you like and don’t like these days
  • But I always loved your curry
  • Ye said dat about me coddle and den turned yer nose up at it
  • Ah ma get over de bleedin’ coddle will ye
  • I will not get over it…and ye went off te Nandos without tellin’ me last night and I had a lovely stew made. Well ye can feck off and have a curry in Nandos with yer pals
  • Nandos don’t do curry
  • Aww, dat’s a pity
  • Stop messin’ ma will ye. I’m starvin’
  • I’m not messin’. JIMMY, YER DINNER’S READY I SAID…jaysis where’s yer da?
  • He must be gone out. I’ll have his
  • Ye will in yer swiss have his
  • Ders loads in dat pot
  • I know
  • Well give us a bowl of it den
  • Ders not enough for us all
  • All who?
  • I told Alison I’d bring her in a bit of dinner
  • You’re feedin’ de neighbours but ye wont feed me
  • Alison isn’t very well and she’s no family te come and cook for her
  • Looks like I don’t either
  • Well, remember dat the next time ye refuse me coddle and when ye fancy a Nandos and don’t bodder yer arse ringin’ me
  • Ah build a bridge ma will ye
  • Sorry, I haven’t time for buildin’ bridges, I’m too busy cookin’ and cleanin’ up after you lot
  • You should put dat to music ma, I could sing along cos I know all de words
  • Don’t get cheeky with me miss
  • Joke ma…jaysis
  • Right, here take this bowl
  • Ah thanks ma
  • …and bring it into Alison, tell her I’ll be in later te make her a cuppa
  • MA!!

That’ll teach her!



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