All I want for Christmas is…


hoover 2What do you want for Christmas Ber?

I don’t mind. You know I’m easily pleased love

No you’re not

I am so. It’s the thought that counts

You didn’t say that on Christmas morning 1989

You bought me a hoover Jimmy

It’s the thought that counts you said

…and you thought I wanted a hoover?

Well you’d been moaning about the old one

I know but I didn’t want one as a present

You said you’re easily pleased, I don’t think so Bernie

Yeah, with perfume or jewellery Jimmy, not a bleedin’ hoover

I’m sorry I even asked now.

Since when did you go Christmas shoppin’ anyway Jimmy?

What d’ye  mean?

You usually get Kylie or Jason to buy your presents

I do not

Ye do so…well except for 1989

It’s a present ye never forgot tho’ Bernie

Talk about a present that sucks…jaysis

That’s lovely alrigh’. It wasn’t cheap that hoover

So ye said… a hundred bleedin’ times

I get no thanks in this house. I’m goin’ out

See ye later, oh and don’t forget about the microwave, you said you’d get it fixed.

Maybe I’ll just buy you a new…

Don’t even think about it Jimmy…Don’t even think about it

Easily pleased my arse….Jaysis… women


16 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. This reminded me of the Mother’s Day my father gave my mother an electric lawn mower! He worked out of town 3 weeks out of the month and didn’t want her having to use the old push mower! The conversation was pretty much the same! LOL!

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  2. This conversation takes place in millions of households. I could never decide which I hated most, the mixing bowls, the vacuum cleaner, or the self-cleaning cat box.


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